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Romantic Love Quotes

exact love stories in no way hold ending.
Tell me who admire u and luv u, and I will tell u who u r.
There iz alwayz sum madness in luv. But there iz also alwayz sum reazon in madnes.
What mendacity past us, and what deceit earlier to us are tiny matter compare to what deceit inside us

My trust iz luv n u r itz just belief.
clean love is a readiness to give with no a deliberation of getting something in return
Luv doesn't create the humanity go on. Luv is what make the journey sensible..
superior to have appreciated and missing, than to have never dear at all

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Sleepyhead said...

I think these are some of the best love quotes I could ever find! It really feels good to be in love and be loved! Awwww

Samantha Taylor said...

I've been looking for some nice i love you quotes for him and I've stumbled in this post. I love your selection of love quotes. They are sweet and romantic. Thank you and keep posting!


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