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Inspirational Love Quotes

get away luv and our soil is a grave.
I have extend my ideas under your foot stride gently since you walk on my imaginings..
better luv hath no guy than thiz, that a man lay down hiz existence 4 hiz friendz

while somebody walk away from ur life, itz not ending of ur yarn, itz stop of their piece in ur story.
luv widen ur spirit & build u large inside..
Luv doesn't craft the planet go surrounding. Love is what make the ride meaningful.
1 utterance freez uz of all the load and sting of life that sound iz luv

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John Smith said...

Great inspirational love quotes you've created! I'm very impressed right away by reading quotes you've added in your post to encourage inspirational thoughts. I'm looking forward for more. Thanks.
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Cherish Hazel said...

Wow, I love this! Such a very nice collection of love sayings! I like each of them. Very touching.

bhadra said...

Its really awesome the way you posted the quotes and designed your blog is awesome...

Inspirational love quotes

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