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Falling In Love Quotes

Sumtimez u break ur heart in the rite way, if u know what I mean...
U very seldom see a picture where u watch the proces of faling in luv.
I'm lucky 2 have family around me. Otherwize, I'll be taking the risk of faling in luv wid myself.

i want our story 2 start wid "Once upon a time" n end wid a happily ever after.....
falling in luv iz like the rainwater. itz rash, but there r alwayz signz before it totally fallz
Setting my mind on a melodic gadget was like falling in love. All the humankind appear dazzling and changed.
Don't get adore, allow love find u. That's why its describe falling in love, as you don't power urself to fall, u just fall..

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